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Contrary to popular belief, Nuit is perhaps the most important being in Thelema, she is truly the highest. All actions are said to be dedicated to her, so that you become a star moving in perfect sync within her body. Furthermore, once could argue Nuit is also a Goddess of Love, the number of references to love in her chapter are astounding.

Anytime you have a conference table that wobbles or isn t completely sturdy, there s a problem. The number of legs will depend on the size and shape of the table, but there will be enough so that weight on top of the table will be equally distributed, eliminating any chance of the table being upended. Most tables need only one or two pedestals, as they re large enough to keep the table stable For instance, a smaller round table would only need one pedestal.

I lack the hobbyist obsession with the war, its players (great and small), and its minutia (which is endless). My job requires me to be an expert about the war, a position I do believe I attained, but I can bring myself to devote the entirety of my life to it and I certainly (unlike some of my academic cohort) have no interest in donning a uniform, firing a Springfield musket, or participating in a battle reenactment under a blazing sun or a dripping sky.In fact, the entire idea of commemorating the Civil War strikes me as perverse, including bloodless battle reenactments. Why would anyone want to replicate one of the worst episodes in American history? Why would anyone want to pretend to be fighting a battle that resulted in lost and smashed lives on the field and utter grief among the soldiers loved ones back home? Is there any uplifting message to be derived from such playacting? What more, these “reenactments” are contrived and orchestrated.

In between these stops, Caroline was a sunny presence on a rainy day, giving us historical information and navigating us around traffic snarls with ease. I most enjoyed just chatting with her about her life and family, getting a little taste of Germany from the perspective of a local. Purchasing a private tour was more expensive than the group option, but our tour experience was well worth every penny.

Takeovers: Six months into the explosive rise of Canada’s nascent marijuana industry, Aurora Cannabis Inc. Has established itself as a bold deal maker. Underlying this growth is a takeover strategy that’s pretty unconventional. Was not so long ago that Mohandas Gandhi was, at least to the academic world, a largely forgotten figure. In the 1980s and 1990s, as postcolonial thought in its various inflections became quite the rage in significant sectors of the Anglo American (and Indian) academy, and the ‘master narratives’ of the Enlightenment, as they were called, came under sustained interrogation and assault, attention would come to be lavished upon those figures who were viewed as the torchbearers of resistance, critical of deeply embedded frameworks of interpretation that had given succor to elites, and harbingers of a politics of emancipation for those, especially, relegated to the margins. Curiously, though Gandhi is a critical figure in the histories of struggles against colonialism, racism, and the oppression of women and minorities, he remained singularly unattractive to the most prominent postcolonial theorists and intellectuals of other stripes.

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