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The pizza category has not been doing well, Bonnie Riggs, a restaurant analyst for the NPD Group, explained to the . Riggs pointed to a range of NPD data to bolster her argument, including that foot traffic at major fast food pizza chains like Pizza Hut decreased 2% last year. Smaller regional pizza chains have actually suffered from declining customer traffic for seven consecutive years, including a 6% dip in 2013..

If you are a kind of person who finds it really hard to make up his mind about choosing the color of the frame, online store offers you a plethora of the shades to pick a pair from. The sunglasses for men in Dubai are available in two throwback shapes such as square and round. As a result, whether you have a round or square face, your entire face is covered.

The Joss Stone/Smokey Robinson thing was creepy. I kind of like that Michael obviously didn’t care. He knew he wasn’t going to win, but he made the top ten and he’s going on tour, so no more oil rigger for him! That was his personal goal from the beginning, so good for him..

Minor safety incidents on the railways cause disruption, and may be indicators of more serious safety risks. The following paper aimed to gain an understanding of the relationship between active and latent factors, and particular causal paths for these types of incidents by using the Human Factors Analysis and Classification System (HFACS) to examine rail industry incident reports investigating such events. The results indicate that the reports were strongly focused on active failures, particularly those associated with work related distraction and environmental factors.

Software testing is an approach that ensures the quality of software through execution, with a goal being to reveal failures and other problems as quickly as possible. Test case selection is a fundamental issue in software testing, and has generated a large body of research, especially with regards to the effectiveness of random testing (RT), where test cases are randomly selected from the software TMs input domain. In this paper, we revisit three of our previous studies.

It is Marshall argument that Bayly must reject, if British rule is not to appear as, to his use own word, altogether If the did not achieve much more than the suppression of warfare and the establishment of courts of justice it is because they were on Indian clerks and subordinate officials, and beholden to Indian landholders or peasant leaders (p. 130), whose sole ambition appears to have been to thwart the British from bringing to glorious fruition their numerous designs for the moral, social, economic, and political of the Indian people. The tools that the British worked with in India were, on Bayly account, largely Indians themselves (p.

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