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Garrafa’s critical rejection of the pagode hit playing on the shuttle’s radio, however, is not simply a reaction based on personal taste. It is symptomatic of conflicting perceptions and worldviews among So Paulo’s working class, greatly oriented by the references used to define the borders of their cultural horizons. To that extent, electronica seems to be as critical to popular culture in So Paulo’s working class neighborhoods as popular culture is for the habitus of an electronica party.

The past few months, I been told more times that I can count that the vote I be casting this week will mark the end of my short political career. That may be, Ms. Slotkin wrote. Understandably, Rahaim spends almost no time investigating the conscious use of gesture as part of a performance. Given that Hindustani musicians try to downplay the importance of gesture whenever explicitly questioned, it seems unlikely anyone would admit to its conscious, intentional use. However, Hindustani vocalists are still performers and undoubtedly are aware of the role or influence of “artificial” or conscious gestures.

If you live in Brooklyn, consider your rep tarnished, thanks to Honest Tea’s “National Honesty Index”. Continuing a campaign conceived out of SS K, Amalgamated placed bottles of the tea around different parts of the country and asked people to put a dollar in a box before taking one. Brooklyn, unfortunately, is the least honest place in the entire United States and this fact has been splashed about pretty much in every major media outlet by now, so we recommend moving..

Ce matin, je me baladais sur ton blog, relisant quelques vieilles notes au hasard et regrettant cette longue absence. Et je pensais quel talent! Que tu ne veuilles pas participer un concours, je peux comprendre mais je ne suis pas d’accord sur le fait que pour participer, il faille dulcorer son propos, changer pour plaire, je citerai pour exemple un blog qui a beaucoup de succs et qui pourtant n’a rien de sucr, ni mme d’dulcor, le blog de Folie prive. Un exemple parmi d’autres..

Anyway, in October 2016 I took my Vision Express prescription to STAR OPTICS in the main street Hisaronu, paid 300 and got a pair of frameless varifocals. I have only had them for 7 months so I would not draw too many conclusions, but they are still in new condition, they are exactly as prescribed and if you know about varifocals you will understand that there are different types of varifocal lens you get what you pay for and these are the best quality I have had in terms of my eyesight being perfect. The lenses have not scratched yet, but I do take good care of them.

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