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That is why today coaches are being hired out of college or universities with degrees on how to approach this new wave of coaching and with a better understanding of how the minds of younger players work.If only 20 per cent of what went on (bullying, benching players, coaches asking goons to hurt players) came out, we would be awake all night.Coaching has to change, and after today it will get better I hope.(A new game plan)GRETA’S ONE TRICK PONIESWhen it comes to young climate changers, where is all the breathless energy, excitement and enthusiasm by the hundreds of thousands of Greta Thunberg wannabes when it comes to protesting the lack of shelter for the homeless trapped on the cold winter streets, finding appropriate housing for families that can keep up with costs, war torn veterans with PTSD, epidemic drug addictions, Northern housing unfit for humans and out of control Indigenous suicides?Moreover, why should dedicated, hard working taxpayers fund the education of young people when these kids feel it more important to take Fridays off to complain about older folks not thinking about the future. Sadly, besides an overpopulated planet, we can now look forward to a future world full of half educated kids.BILL WEBB(Other causes also need a Greta.)Re: Scheer needs to go; albatross to sink leadership, column, Nov. 29I wouldn call Affable Andy Scheer a albatross but Bono makes some good points in his column.

According to the CBE announcement on Manning website, the school is capacity, with current enrolment at just under 2,000 students We anticipate that over the next two years, school enrolment will increase by an additional 150 students each year. At that size, it would be challenging for the school to provide optimal learning opportunities for students. Parents living near Ernest Manning are outraged the CBE made this decision without consulting them, during a long term process meant to balance high school capacity issues across the system..

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