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Yudhisthira and Gandhi, as I argued in my article, belong to the epic imagination. Perhaps the last thought that will come to a person’s mind in thinking of Gandhi is to associate him with gambling, but Gandhi was quite certain in his mind that he had taken an immense gamble in putting the country on the road to mass nonviolent resistance when there was no precedent in history for supposing that such resistance could be politically efficacious. I went on to argue that we, too, should gamble on Gandhi moving against the current of feeling which insists upon the mantras of globalization, neo liberalization, and development as the panacea for India’s ills, it is perhaps time to take a serious look at his life, work, and ideas.

We report a study of the photocatalytic reduction of CO to CO by zinc porphyrins covalently linked to [ReI(2,2 bipyridine)(CO)L]/ moieties with visible light of wavelength >520 nm. Dyad 1 contains an amide CHNHC(O) link from porphyrin to bipyridine (Bpy), Dyad 2 contains an additional methoxybenzamide within the bridge CHNHC(O)CH(OMe)NHC(O), while Dyad 3 has a saturated bridge CHNHC(O)CH; each dyad is studied with either L = Br or 3 picoline. The syntheses, spectroscopic characterisation and cyclic voltammetry of Dyad 3 Br and [Dyad 3 pic]OTf are described.

Even if I tell him not to worry about me or to do anything for me, he does it anyways. For instance, I forgot about an assignmentthe other week and I was going to have to miss lunch to get it done, so he offered to bring me something and i told him not to worry about it. Well, I looked up and a baseball player was handing me a box and said it was from Matt.

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All four of these cabinet secretaries may have benefited from reputations as trailblazers as well. Albright was the first female secretary of state. Powell was the first African American secretary of the state. There are no Win Scores, no Favorite Toy, for movies and their makers. Many readers would say that Schickel and I have no greater claim than anyone else to impose our crotchets on you. Doesn everyone see a lot of movies and, gradually, amass some all time preferences? Sure..

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