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On the bottom floor, you find kitchenware, camping supplies, old fashioned candy, birdfeeders and much more. Walk up the stairs and you find clothing for both men and women. White carries brands such as Patagonia, Woolrich, Mountain Hardware and Stormy Kromer.

He learned about soulmates when he was a little kidLoved the idea that there was a person made perfectly for himDidn try to really contact you until he got into his teen yearsHe was nervous to try and draw something, he didn know what to say, but he didn want you to think he was lame if he just said hi or somethingYou and him had shared drawings before, but just little things like a homework page or a doodle of a flowerHe didn know why you had never tried to talk to him before, but he couldn really say anything cause he hadn tried eitherMaybe you were shy like himHis first word from you comes when he least expecting itHe in high school, hella focused on a test, then he feels a weird sensation on his armHe looks down, and he unfamiliar, yet somehow comforting handwriting I MC Boi is shookThen he is immediately called out by the teacher who thinks he cheating and writing answers on his armThat whole ordeal takes over his focus, so he isn able to respond to you until after class I Yoosung! that, you guys are constantly talkingYou tell each other about your day, and the places you live, or even draw little things to make the other laugh or blushHe so excited to graduate and go to college, but you a year behind him, so you wont be able to join him at University right awayHe promises that he fine waiting one more year, he doesn want you to have to move on your final year of high schoolThen Rika diesAnd he a messYou see him change through his writingHe writes less, and it almost always about Rika when he doesYou want to go visit him, but he insists he okYou were the only one who seemed to understand him, he didn know if he would have been able to make it without youWhen he gets into gaming and starts slacking off a lot, he worried you think he a loser and you wont want to be with him anymore you literally my soulmate I don care what you do as long as you happy! criesWhen you graduate, he is so excitedAll the RFA members know all about you cause you all he talks about the months leading up to your moveHe waits at the airport for your plane practically vibrating with nerves and excitement Zen what if she thinks I too short, or not manly enough, or she doesn like my hair, or I in the middle of a rehearsal, stop calling me! spend the whole plane ride drawing intricate designs all over your arm so you will be able to find him in a crowd easierYour plane lands, and you walk out, trying to find someone that meets his descriptionYou see him before he sees youHe standing there, holding flowers, looking so nervousYou have the biggest smile on your face as you run over to him and his eyes finally meet yours and Oh no, he cryingHe break down in tears running into your arms, sweeping you off your feet MC I so happy to see you I waited my whole life for this moment you are everything I ever hoped you would be! love you Yoosung. Love you too. Give him his first kiss and its perfectHe never been so happyUntil he logs onto the group chat and finds Saeyoung had hacked the CCTV and showed everyone how he immediately cried when he saw youNot so happy anymoreZen Have each others first word tattooed (has to be spoken directly to them).

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