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Wayfarer: We have all seen Tom Cruise and many women have flattered up on him. Others must be wanting to have him (or someone like him) in their lives. Well, Tom Cruise cannot come to server right away, but your husband can surely adopt his style. Marketing to your past and present hosts both online and off will insure a solid calendar for the future. Fun at shows means more bookings, sales and recruits for your home party business. Learn to love the NO and you will definately succeed.

This paper presents an analytical modelling approach for Switched Reluctance Machines (SRMs) with a wide saturation range. There are many existing analytical modelling approaches in literature that give good accuracy, however most do not consider modelling accuracy in the deeply saturated region of operation. The proposed modelling method is suitable for SRMs operating under the entire saturation range.

A three dimensional (3D) model was established to investigate the formation and sedimentation of droplets using the centrifugal microfluidic platform by computational fluid dynamics (CFD). The simulation results were compared to the reported experiments in terms of droplet shape and size to validate the accuracy of the model. The influence of the grid resolution was investigated and quantified.

On a beau avoir mille fois par jour une preuve supplmentaire que toutes ces histoires de dieu a n’a jamais t que du bobard hont, qu’un misrable prtexte pour au mieux s’excuser d’tre trop bon, ou trop mauvais, ou trop chanceux ou mme malade, ou stupide, ou pas responsable, et au pire se donner bonne conscience quand on s’entretue joyeusement ; on a beau chercher se flatter l’intelligence en croyant qu’on prside seul ses destines, il restera toujours un point qui me fera douter comme une charde dans mes certitudes : c’est l’instinct de survie. Moi je serais dieu, je n’aurais pas trouv mieux pour profiter pleinement, batement, de la jouissance de ma cration. Parce qu’en apportant cette assurance absolue, cette garantie ternelle que le jouet est incassable, qu’il sera toujours fiable, fidle, qu’on sera le seul pouvoir l’craser, ou le dmonter, ou le faire souffrir lentement, selon son gr, on fait preuve d’une cruaut incomparablement divine.

Leading Issues in Social Media seeks to further our appreciation of the impact of social media by gathering papers presented by a range of academic voices. The volume came about as a result of the editors, Sue Greener and Pericles ‘asher’ Rospigliosi hosting the first European Conference on Social Media at the University of Brighton in 2014. From those three days in which academics and practitioners gathered, debated, discussed and learned and the ensuing conversations there emerged these exciting papers that further our thinking about the leading issues in social media..

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