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And you don need to pick a fight and scream about blocking me when you don like my refusal to cater to your personal preferences. I don appreciate the drama liberals bring on my blog because they can handle disagreement and rigorous debate. IF YOU CAN HANDLE THE DISCOURSE, THEN DON ENGAGE IN IT! n n.

5. ROO THE INCLUSIVE SEX ED CHATBOT FOR TEENSPlanned Parenthood sex ed chatbot, Roo, lets teens anonymously ask questions about sex, relationships, puberty and more. Roo success (770K conversations in 5 months) stems from a judgment free product and marketing strategy.

Basic human rights were denied, innocent civilians were detained, beaten and killed, Libya’s wealth was squandered. The enormous potential of the Libyan people was held back, and terror was used as a political weapon. Today we can definitively say that the Gadhafi regime has come to an end.

Comment number 2. At 11:35 10th Dec 2012, DOGWITH wrote: Aw. I heard it too. Yo en concreto, las dos noches anteriores no pude dormir apenas, cuando soy una persona que siempre duerme bien. Tena como una inquietud en todo el cuerpo, malestar, nerviosismo y la semana anterior, estuve toda la semana depre, sin energa, cansada y curiosamante todos mis conocidos haban estado igual que yo. No s si tendr que ver pero me ha llamado la atencin la coincidencia.

Most people would agree they should be diligent, accessible and committed to the principles and policies that led us to vote for them. However, I realised there something more we require. I talking of respect for the law, not just in terms of what they do but also in terms of what they profess.

It is essential protective safety eye protection that meets industry rated safety standards to look after your eyes is worn while working with materials, chemical compounds or contaminants capable of injuring the eyes in a workplace or household situation. Wearing inexpensive substandard plastic eyeglasses while dealing with hazardous materials or while utilizing electrical or battery generated tools to drill, cut or grind, can cause sharp or dangerous objects to fly upward without warning and destroy a cheap eyewear product. Vendors of top quality protective safety eye wear and prescription safety glasses now routinely make their safety products with tough material such as light polycarbonate frames and lenses that are shatter tolerant.

The matter of textbooks, particularly those focused on the study of history and morals, is too complex to be given any lengthy consideration; but Shiv Prasad’s textbooks are of interest to Ruby Lal since she seeks to understand how girls navigated the space of the school and received the learning that would enable them to engage in various forms of self making. The emerging centrality of the school in the 19th century as a form not only of socialization of children, but as a technology of governance and as a mode for creating national subjects, can scarcely be doubted. Against such a backdrop, Lal’s analysis of the school as a site for “playfulness” is less than persuasive; indeed, the greatest strength of this chapter resides in her discussion of the debates surrounding “the standardization and the homogenization of languages, scripts, religions and communities” in late 19th century India (124)..

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