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IHope everyone rang in 2015 sipping chugging a glass of champagne, rocking tight black pants dancing with some baes. I know I did! Anyways, I am not a fan of the whole Years Resolution thing because I prefer to work on myself every day of the year do not need the excuse of a Year to better myself. To me, 2015 will be another year of working out, eating healthy (most of the time), being kind (also most of the time but I can control PMS or people that piss me off) working on my career.

At a time when the provincial government anti Canadian stance has become a frustrating trope, the WestJet CEO is having no more of it, noting that talking of Alberta separating from Canada runs counter to the economic interests of his airline, and the province as a whole. He said there was reason to feel divided from the rest of Canada. It pains me to quote Calgary business people when Edmonton business folk should be taking a similarly strong, public, pro Canada stance, it is worth noting that Mary Moran, the CEO of Calgary Economic Development, also raised similar concerns at a recent business forum speech in Lake Louise.

The merger created a jet of material travelling at near light speed that made the afterglow difficult to see. Though the jet slamming into surround material is what made the merger so bright, and easy to see, it also obscured the afterglow of the event. To see the afterglow, astrophysicists had to be patient..

We had previously shown that alcohol consumption can induce cellular isoaspartate protein damage via an impairment of the activity of protein isoaspartyl methyltransferase (PIMT), an enzyme that triggers repair of isoaspartate protein damage. To further investigate the mechanism of isoaspartate accumulation, hepatocytes cultured from control or 4 week ethanol fed rats were incubated in vitro with tubercidin or adenosine. Both these agents, known to elevate intracellular S adenosylhomocysteine levels, increased cellular isoaspartate damage over that recorded following ethanol consumption in vivo.

“If the Affordable Care Act seems like it is a lot better quality or pricewise, I would be willing to switch,” says Michael Kelly, 27, a drummer in Brooklyn with a band called Savoy. He recently signed up for Healthy New York, which provides affordable health care to sole proprietors and small business owners. Kelly says he will be paying about $240 a month for a plan that offers catastrophic and preventive care..

Remember that proposition that everyone on campus was blabbering on about a few weeks ago? Yeah, Prop 30! After the relentless campaigning by pretty much everyone who was politically active on campus which is to say, everyone it passed by a solid seven percent. When it hits, it’s going to raise sales taxes on everyone in the state yes, that includes all of you hardworking, money deprived college students by a quarter of a cent. So regardless of how it costs more than a penny to make one and how limited their utility actually is, it’s imperative that we keep it.

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