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Unmistakeable the result of converging climate, oil and debt crises within a politically repressive state, the conflict’s future continues to be at the mercy of rival foreign geopolitical interests in dominating the energy corridors of the Middle East and North Africa.”RELATED: How Electric Cars Make Money; Fear of a Carbon Trading PlanetThe New York Times on the Earth’s temperature “Since 1896, scientists have been trying to answer a deceptively simple question: What will happen to the temperature of the earth if the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere doubles?” So opens Justin Gillis’s meditation on “climate sensitivity,” the ability of the Earth to withstand climate change. He writes: “Given how weak the political response to climate change has been, there is no reason to think that human society is going to stop there. Even if climate sensitivity turns out to be on the low end of the range, total emissions may wind up being so excessive as to drive the earth toward dangerous temperature increases. So if the recent science stands up to critical examination, it could indeed turn into a ray of hope but only if it is then followed by a broad new push to get the combustion of fossil fuels under control.”RELATED: Breezy Point, Six Months LaterThe Atlantic on Kazakhstan’s nuclear legacy Weighing Kazakhstan’s history of nuclear proliferation during the Soviet era, Jillian Keenan considers the country’s efforts to develop nuclear energy: “Kazakhstan is moving forward with plans to build a civilian nuclear power facility for domestic energy needs, possibly on the Aktau site of a now defunct Soviet era plant. For many Kazakhs, these steps are proud evidence of the country’s developing status as a major player in international nuclear policy.

The golden gift boxes are in a variety of sizes and price options, which are suitable for individual requirements. The deep red color and fragrance choice of suede material has won rave reviews and cheers during the Christmas season. Gift boxes are decorated with dazzling Swarovski crystals.

To investigate if this new touch screen assessment tool can be used for cross cultural comparisons we administered it to a sample of children (N = 283) spanning standards 1 “3 in a low income country, Malawi, and a smaller sample of children (N = 70) from first year of formal schooling from a high income country, the UK. Split half reliability, test retest reliability, face validity, convergent construct validity, predictive criterion validity, and concurrent criterion validity were investigated. Results demonstrate proof of concept that touch screen tablet technology can provide reliable and valid psychometric measures of performance in the early years, highlighting its potential to be used in cross cultural comparisons and research..

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