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Youth from the field of politics, business, arts, literature, media and many other fields will be applauded and felicitated. This year will also see a special award for the Sportsperson of the year. There will be special applause for those who have bared their chest and displayed their valour and love and fought bravely for the country.

On the way home one of the lavatories was out of service. I couldn’t pre order duty free. For some strange reason duty free isn’t available to or from Mexico with Air Canada. Y a nivel personal me ha pillado de lleno este INICIO del CAOS el mircoles 3 de Octubre un grupo de 22 personas salamos de VILCAMBAMBA en bus para representar una obra de teatro (de la cual soy el tcnico de sonido) en la localidad de MINDO y para un encuentro de mujeres que se celebraba desde el 4 al 6. El trayecto que se hace en 17 horas nos cost 33 horas y presenciamos un par de batallas campales entre el ejrcito y los manifestantes. Tuvimos hasta que contratar un par de minibuses para ir de Quito a Mindo pero llegamos a tiempo para representar la obra y tuvimos la suerte de disfrutar de 13 das mgicos en Mindo, otro vrtice energtico fundado tambin por lojanos o judos sefardes.Mientras Quito y la zona andina de Ecuador se suma en el CAOS ABSOLUTO y con las carreteras cortadas, nosotros pudimos vivir 13 das de absoluta armona, paz y felicidad ya que a la exuberante naturaleza repleta de mariposas, colibres, tucanes y cascadas, se uni que la comunidad alternativa de Mindo se volc totalmente con nuestro grupo e hicieron de anfitriones organizndonos actividades diarias.

Some of the riskiest stores to work in include those selling home furnishings, used merchandise and building materials, as well as tire dealers and supercenters. Injuries and illnesses at each of those also increased in 2018 from the previous year. The most precarious are pet supply stores, where about seven in 100 employees experience nonfatal injuries, according to the data..

There will be very few places for them to go. The economy is at its knees and soon a million children in the US will reach adulthood. Who is going to help. The Best Antidote Against Muscle FatigueMuscle fatigue is a problem that should not be taken lightly since it occurs frequently, especially during a heavy workout such as bodybuilding and weight lifting. While there are various sectors to earn a living, most of them do not give higher remuneration. Also, many units shut down after a while during the depression.

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